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As required by article 129, 1° of the Belgian Act on electronic communication of 13 June 2005 the SPECTA advises visitors of its websites about the use of cookies.

Cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. They contain information such as surfers’ navigation preference, so that they do not have to enter this information again the next time they visit the same website. Some cookies make sure that the graphics on a website appear correctly, others that a website application works properly. Further information about managing cookies can be found in your browser’s help file or through sites such as

The SPECTA web site uses necessary cookies with a low risk for users, which according to the Belgian Act on electronic communication of 13 June 2005 (AEC) and in opinion 04/2012 of the Article 29 Working Party (umbrella organization of European privacy commissions) are exempt from cookie consent requirement. SPECTA never processes users’ personal data for commercial purposes. These cookies improve the user experience for our website visitors. You will find a detailed list of all these necessary cookies at the end of this notice.

How to disable cookies?

Most browsers allow, accept, refuse and delete cookies. These methods vary from browser to browser and version to version, if you prefer not to place website cookies on your computer, you can set your browser accordingly.

If you would like to block cookies, you can do so for the browser you use.

Blocking all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites.

If you block cookies, you will not be able to use all the features on our website.

SPECTA also uses some non-essential cookies. We do not do this to track individual users or to identify them but to gain useful knowledge about how the site is used so that we can keep improving it for our users. Without the knowledge we gain from the systems that use these cookies, we would not be able to provide the service we do.

SPECTA uses Google Universal Analytics, a popular web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Universal Analytics (below, referred to as Google Analytics). It gathers information about your use of our website (including your IP address). Google Analytics receives and stores this information on its servers in the United States. It compiles and provides us with reports on, among others, website activity and internet usage. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please go learn/privacy.html.

Opting-out of Google Analytics: SPECTA Website users that don’t want their data reported by Analytics can install the Analytics opt-out browser add-on. If you disable Google Analytics, data from you will not be used in the statistics gathered in order to improve our website service.

Necessary cookies

COOKIE NAME Purpose Data is sent to Type Expiry
CookieConsent Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain Ireland (adequate) HTTP 1 Year

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