Advances in molecular understanding of cancer mean we can selectively target specific patient profiles, leading to the “best fit” treatment.

SPECTA is a collaborative European platform to reach patients outside of clinical trials and establish a quality-assured process for collecting clinic-pathologically annotated biological material from cancer patients. The goal of such a platform is to support bio specimen-based translational research and biomarker discovery and ultimately to propose new therapeutic options to patients with cancers.

The platform provides an integrated and shared mechanism, with rapid access to patient data and biological samples to enable the quick implementation of new clinical trials and robust translational research.

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1. NE T W ORK of c linicians - f ocus on p atients 2. On e c entr alised BIOBANK 3. One clinical DATABASE(EORTC) 5. One operational SET-UP 4. Relevant research laboratories(COLLABORATE)
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More than 100 investigators throughout Europe joined the…

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The collection of Human Biological Material is project-dependent and…

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Clinical data are collected at study entry as well as follow-up…

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SPECTA laboratories include accredited laboratories that can…

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What is SPECTA?

What is SPECTA?

Platform Status

SPECTA is authorizing new investigators on an ongoing basis. We are proud of our SPECTA network, active all over Europe.

Since mid of 2019 and SPECTA downstream projects opened, around 600 cancer patients are confirmed eligible to one of the SPECTA downstream projects each year.

SPECTA in numbers (Dec 2021):

  • 128 investigators authorized to recruit
  • 17 countries represented
  • Around 1900 patients registered
  • 1330 patients eligible for a downstream project
  • More than 1200 molecular report generated
  • 18 cohorts opened to recruitment
  • 6 cohorts under analysis after reaching targeted recruitment
  • 4 downstream projects: 2 projects recruiting, 1 in analysis, 1 in activation
  • A team of 20 people at headquarter dedicated and involved either in the platform or its downstream projects


The SPECTA platform is supported by Alliance Healthcare.

Alliance Healthcare will become Cencora.

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